Free Jazz Music Academy

Inspiration is the key

About Us

Free Jazz Music Academy (Reg 2009/110050/23) is a private school in Pretoria that teaches music theory and practical, with a short learning programme accredited by the University of South Africa (UNISA). This is subject to change for the year 2020. Trinity exams will be offered for Western Art / Rock n Pop and ABRSM exams for Jazz, which are internationally accredited.

The name of the academy is from a type of jazz called "Free Jazz"

The academy has teachers that are well trained, who are passionate about music and teaching.

The aim of the academy is to teach individuals and groups to read, write and play music professionally. It is also to inspire people through music, hence, our motto is "Inspiration is the key".

We, at Free Jazz Music Academy offer a broad scope of music, with lessons that are fun, exciting and interactive.

Free Jazz Music Academy also offers the following services

- Vocal Workshops

- Music Industry Workshops

- Music production

- Artist Branding

- Artist Management  

- Music Events Management

- Introduction to Sound Engineering